April 15, 2018 – Pastoral Impressions by Fr. Bill

In these weeks after Easter, we will be hearing about the first believers, the early community of faith which came to life in the light of the resurrection. It wasn’t always easy. There wasn’t some sort of blueprint that was crystal-clear. There were disagreements. There were growing pains. There was uncertainty and doubt and maybe even a little fear. But one thing was obvious. They had to get the message out. They had to tell the story. And so they went from town to town proclaiming loud and clear that this man Jesus, this person they knew personally, had died and rose from the dead. Talk about a story to tell! They had the very best.
They were to be witnesses—people who told others what they had seen and heard and experienced. If the message of Jesus was to get out—it would have to start with them. It wasn’t long before people who didn’t know Jesus personally, or who hadn’t seen him after his resurrection, were also telling that same story.
We can’t overemphasize the importance of continuing to tell the story of Jesus in every time and place, to every person and in every circumstance. The story was powerful two millennia ago, and it is powerful today. This is THE story—the Greatest Story Ever Told—the story that changed the world!
But at some point we need to be telling our own stories, stories of the difference Jesus makes in our lives, stories of how God continues to give us hope and joy and peace, stories of how believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus gives real meaning and purpose to our lives.
Am I a changed person because of what I believe?
Am I a changed person because of what God continues to do in my life?
Am I a changed person because I allow God to pour new life into me?
Am I a changed person because I accept God’s forgiveness and strive to be better?
Am I a changed person because the cross of Jesus gives my own crosses meaning?

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