April 21, 2019 – Ruminations by Fr. Pat

The Lord is Risen! … The Lord is Risen, INDEED!
On this Easter Day we once again celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord and contemplate what that means for us.
What DOES the Resurrection mean for you? How is it important in your life? Yes, it is important that Jesus rose and destroyed the sin of Death, but how does it affect us? This is an important question to ask and answer, because it directly affects our relationship with the Lord.
A hint to the answers to these questions may be found in a discussion that I had with a non-Catholic Christian. He was saying that because we had a body on the crosses that we use, we were not celebrating what Easter is all about. I reminded him that we cannot celebrate Easter Sunday without Good Friday and Holy Thursday. We cannot celebrate Good Friday without Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday. We cannot celebrate Holy Thursday without Good Friday and Easter Sunday. These three days comprise one event – The Paschal Triduum. We cannot celebrate Triumph (Easter Sunday) without Suffering and Death (Good Friday) and Love (Holy Thursday). All three days are part of the same picture and event.
For all of us there may be times that we are in the garden, so to speak, and we ask our heavenly Father to take the cup of suffering away from us. The knowledge and the effects of suffering are great. The suffering may be physical, emotional, or spiritual – They are still suffering. They still hurt and are heart-rending.
But remember, Jesus suffered also; he sweated blood. He kept going because of His love for us, despite the pain. So must we. Whatever we are suffering from, our old life, with its pain and suffering — if we place our hope and trust in the Lord, we will die and rise to a new life. All of us have our Holy Thursdays in the Garden. But through love of others the pain is lessened. We all can have our Good Fridays, where that old life will die. And we will have our Easter Sunday, where we rise from the ashes and become a new person. Nothing can keep us from Christ and His love. Nothing can keep us from experiencing triumph over the Devil. Nothing can keep us from experiencing the Joy that comes from God.

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