April 7, 2019 – Reflections by Deacon Al

New Pastoral Associate position: In this new position, as I’m meeting different people on this new journey, one of my hopes and dreams will be to make the word “Pastoral” a commonly used word in the Parish(s).
Last week I spoke about, wide eyed views of opportunities, being open to create, fine-tune or rejuvenate in our Parish(s). Pastoral care belongs to all within the parish, not just the Clergy or Pastoral Associate, but all of us working together as a family in care of each other.

In beginning this new position, I’d like to meet with the different organizations at each of our sites. This is where we will begin to build upon our visions for the future together. I’d like to hear from the leaders/officers of these organizations.
We will need to meet as groups coming together to build teams of Pastoral people continuing the work of Christ in our little part of the diocese.
We can build teams to ensure no one has the feeling of loneliness, depression or be without a support system throughout our parishes.
Please Pray, Dream and Consider becoming a part of this “New way of Ministry thinking” for the Mid Mon Valley. You can reach me at deaconal611@gmail.com or my office number 724-258-7742 ext 13. If you leave a voicemail, you will get a call back.
God’s Blessings, Deacon Al

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