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New Parish Name Form

The Mid-Mon Valley Churches – United in Faith
St. Damien of Molokai; Our Lady of the Valley; Mary, Mother of the Church

As we journey in our Faith together as the three Parishes of the Mid-Mon Valley, we are reminded of our Unity of Faith with the Lord. Since October of 2018 we have been Worshipping and Praying together and are moving towards a full merger of Faith, Hope, and Love. This merger will be complete in January 2020.
Recently, the Leadership team of all three parishes worked on looking at the current Interim Mass Schedule and putting forth two options that would work for the betterment of the new-to-be-named parish. We are still working and praying on the final outcome for the new parish schedule.
As we continue to work towards unity, when we will finally become a newly formed parish, one of the steps is submitting to the Diocese a new name for the new parish. Bishop Zubik has asked all the Groupings to submit ten (10) names that people would like the new name of the Parish to be called. From these ten names, he will choose three (3) and send those names back to the Grouping for further reflection. From those three names the parishes are to vote and submit the final name for the Bishop’s decision. Please remember, the Bishop has the final decision as to what the new parish is to be called. He is, however, asking for your involvement, thus this invitation. Popular names (like Padre Pio) will, probably, have multiple submissions by different Groupings. It is for this reason we need to submit ten names.
With all this information in mind, Fr. Kevin, Fr. Pat, Deacon Al, and the combined Parish and Finance Councils, are asking for your input on the new name of the parish. If you would like to submit a name, we need you to submit it in writing. You may submit by email by sending one to (please put “New Parish Name” in the subject line). In addition, Bishop Zubik is asking that when a name is submitted, there must be a reason for choosing that name. If you choose a name only because you just like the name, that submission will probably be looked over.
For example, one of the already submitted names for the parish is Holy Trinity Parish. By itself, without any reason, Holy Trinity might not be used. However, with the submission of the name, the reason given by the person submitting that name was the fact that the three parishes would now be united as one, just as the Holy Trinity is Three-In-One.
There are some restrictions when choosing a name. The present parishes in the Valley are the result of previous mergers of parishes. Therefore, the names of these former parishes will not be considered. Also included for consideration are names of various churches in the Valley. For example, there is a St. John Lutheran parish, located in Charleroi. There would be a confusion when it comes to the Post Office. Therefore, St. John would not be a good name for submission.
On the reverse side of this sheet is a submission request. It will also include names that should not be considered. Please complete the submission form and return it to any of the various parish offices.
For those who have already submitted a name for consideration, we truly appreciate the time, the effort, and the reflections that you made for this process.
For those of you yet to submit a name, like those who have already submitted one, may you be guided by the Holy Spirit in your discernment.
God bless,
Fr. Kevin, Fr. Pat, Deacon Al, and the Leadership Committees of the Mid-Mon Valley

The Mid Mon-Valley Parishes  – New parish Submission Form
The following names cannot be used for consideration, including the current names of the three parishes:
St. Damien of Molokai Our Lady of the Valley Mary, Mother of the Church
St. Anthony of Padua St. Charles Borromeo
St. Dominic
Holy Name of the BVM
St. Joseph
St. Philip Neri St. Jerome
Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Mother of Sorrows

Because the Diocese has already used the following names, they cannot be considered: St. Matthias, Christ our Savior, Holy Spirit, St. Paul of the Cross, St. Teresa of Kolkata (Calcutta), and St. John XXIII. The Diocese also designated names for the Shrines within the Diocese: Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Anthony, St. Nicholas, St. Patrick, and St. Stanislaus Kostka.
The following names are presently used by our neighbors and, probably, should not be used:
[Bentleyville area] St. Katherine Drexel (St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Joseph the Worker, St. Luke, Ss. Mary and Ann, St. Clement, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Mary, Assumption, St. Agnes, Ave Maria, St. Oliver Plunkett)
[Finleyville area] St. Francis of Assisi, St. Benedict the Abbot, St. Isaac Jogues
[Monessen] Epiphany of our Lord (St. Anthony, St. Cajetan, St. Hyacinth, St. Leonard)
St. Sebastian, St. Anne, Holy Family, St Spyridon (Orthodox), Holy Trinity (Orthodox), Gate of Heaven, St. Paul (Lutheran + Episcopal), St Mary of the Assumption (Byzantine), St. John the Divine (Orthodox), St. Nicholas (Orthodox), Mt. Calvary (Baptist), St. Michael (Orthodox + Byzantine), Mt. Sinai (Baptist), St. Basil the Great (Orthodox), St. Ellien (Orthodox), Holy Ghost (Byzantine), True Vine (Anglican), Nativity of the BVM (Orthodox), Mount Zion, Journey by Grace (Free Methodist)

Proposed Name:
Reason for this Name: