July 21, 2019 – Thoughts by Rev Kev

What is the root of hospitality?

    You see, in general, hospitality is when you invite strangers, people in need, people who have been wandering a long way, and you take them into your house and you wash their feet and you feed them.

So you are the host and the host is supposed to care for and serve those who come to his door. And so there’s a big difference between the host and the guest. The host is supposed to take care of the guest and give the guest whatever he or she needs.

    This is not like inviting friends for dinner, or being kind and inviting someone in, because the host must become the slave of the guest and take on responsibility of taking care of them.

Do you know the word hospital? The needy and sick and often forgotten people come to a hospital, and the host is the hospital and the hospital must take every one of them in and cure them and heal them and send them out again.

         When we talk about hospice, it’s the same word. The host is called upon to take those who even the hospitals can no longer care for, into another place and take care of them, be their guardians, their help, love them and serve them until God takes them home.

    Please consider helping our parish with the visits to those in the hospital, those parishioners who recently were in the hospital and are at home, to those in an extended care facility such as Mon Valley Rehabilitation Center, Haven Crest, to those in Skilled Nursing Facilities like Residence at Hilltop, Dunlevy or the Old Thorpe’s Facilities.

    If nothing else we are looking for parishioners to be Greeters of Hospitality at the doors prior to our Liturgy and especially our Funeral Liturgies.


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