July 28, 2019 – Thoughts by Rev Kev

God already wants the best for us and doesn’t need to be talked into anything. Why should we pray?

God knows what we need and he wants us to have it. Why do we have a need to ask and pray for something?

God doesn’t need to Change, but we do in all kinds of ways.

Take a moment and read the Gospel of Luke again. We not only hear how Jesus first teaches us the words, we can pray, but also Jesus offers how to put those words of prayer into action. Yes, Jesus teaches us the “Our Father” which reminds us that when you ask you shall receive, when you seek you will find, when you knock on the door it will be opened to you.

Prayer is about changing us, reshaping us, reconfiguring our insides to match God. It is about getting us in sync with God. Prayer is about becoming like God on the inside, becoming whole and peaceful and happy on the inside.

Think about all that can happen when we open our hearts to God, when we trust enough to be touched in our inner being and reshaped in God our Likeness.

Our prayer, if it is really true, opens us to God, and realigns us with God and puts us at God’s disposal. Our prayer can make things happen, “powerfully good things.” For this reason we are no longer living and acting alone, but God is living and acting within us.

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