July 29, 2018 – Reflections by Deacon Al


Deacon Al

Doubt an emotional level of indecision between belief and disbelief.
This is what the Apostle Phillip experienced when Christ set out to test his faith in feeding the 5000. Although Phillip had seen the works of Jesus, he still remained indecisive on whether to believe or remain in disbelief. It takes Andrew to put his hand to the task believing against all odds that Jesus would complete yet another miracle.
Last week in Father Bill’s homily at the Summerfest, his words hit a homerun when he spoke about others not seeing what we go through especially on the inside, especially on the topic of change.
We all have circumstances in our lives that people can’t see, feel or understand. That being the case, as our Lord has patience and understanding with Phillip today, He is giving us a living example that we must also have patience and understanding with one another.
Think of it this way; the Lord lets one of his twelve be tested; God lets his servant Job be tested. What right do we have in just these two examples of Holy men, to think we’re beyond trials and or challenges that may work their ways into our lives?
Typically in our time of trials where doubt may be involved, we have this notion that leads us to become defensive, aggressive, angry or even disturbed to the point of bringing on the emotions of sadness, depression or the Big One the “WHY ME” question.
Paul gives an awesome answer to this entire experience this weekend in the second reading:
Live in a manner worthy of your call: In humility, gentleness and patience, bearing with one another through Love, striving to preserve unity of the Spirit, through the bond of Peace.
I needed to be reminded of this by a friend who used similar words this past week, and by Jesus’ example and Paul’s words we have awesome examples and or teachings to live out this coming week.
God Bless

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