July 7, 2019 – Ruminations by Fr. Pat

Have you thought about why God, the Father, sent Jesus, the Son? Today, we are going to look at second of two reasons for Jesus’ coming to earth.

When Adam and Eve committed the first Sin, there was no way that humanity could take it away on its own. Anything that humanity did would always have that taint of the Original Sin. Any human offering would not be good enough. Even with the Jewish priests, nothing would be on the level needed to take away Sin.

This is where Jesus comes into the picture. No HUMAN offering would be good enough. But…what about a DIVINE offering? And…what about a DIVINE Offering… Offered by someone DIVINE? Would that be good enough?

The answer is a definite YES. Jesus, both God and Man, would be the Eternal High Priest that would offer Himself for our Salvation. Remember, the word “Sacrifice” means “Offering,” not something you “deprive.” Jesus would Offer Himself for us, so great was His love. The altar of the Sacrifice would be the Cross. The Offering of the Sacrifice to the Father would be Himself.

We were taught these dogmas of Faith in our Catechism. However, there is one other thing to keep in mind. When Jesus offers Himself for our Salvation, along with Jesus, we Offer ourselves. Along with Jesus, we Offer all of our Thanksgiving (this is what the word Eucharist means). We Offer the gift of ourselves through Him. Humanity puts all that is human on the cross with Jesus, pleading to God for Forgiveness and Salvation.

Something to think about: When you come to Mass, do you consciously think about what is Offered? We use the term “Sacrifice of the Mass” Are you thinking about how YOU offer (with Him, of course) Jesus to the Father? Are you thinking about how you Offer yourself? Do you realize the scope of what Jesus did? All for us?

Remember, then, what Mass is all about.

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