July 7, 2019 – Thoughts by Rev Kev

Today the gospel of Saint Luke tells of Christ appointing and sending seventy two followers out in pairs with instructions on how to work in the field as they proclaim to the people the gifts and presence of God in their lives.

So we are asked to do our part in spreading the awareness of who we believe in and how God is trying to be a part of our lives.

It is no easy task that we hear Jesus say, I am sending you out as Lambs in the midst of wolves. We all can probably understand how this is true from our own experience.

Perhaps, the advice Jesus gives to his disciples can help us as well; Travel light he tells them, you are going to be walking a long and hard road so get rid of the excess baggage, do not bring along anything that can slow you down or prevent you from reading your work that God has given you to accomplish. So what is the excess baggage that we feel we need, what is dragging us down? For some it is fear or worry, for some it is ideas that have outlived their time, for some it is an attachment or holding onto what we feel is important, for some it is a heart of stone that weighs them down and we cannot forget, forgive or trust in others. The list goes on and on, old hates, old habits, old illusions, old blindness.

So take time to unpack your bags and see what you really need as we all make this journey of faith to build up the Body of Christ in the World Today.

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