June 2, 2019 – Ruminations by Fr. Pat

Along with being the month of Marian devotions, May is also a month for Priestly Ordinations and their anniversaries. Fr. Bill Terza, the former Pastor at St. Damien, celebrates his 50th year of Ordination. Fr. Jerry Mikonis, the retired pastor of Mary, Mother of the Church, celebrates his 45th year of Ordination. Deacon Al will celebrate his 8th year. This year Fr. Kevin will celebrate 31 years in Ministry I will celebrate my 29th year in Ministry.
I can’t speak for the other priests, but, for me, each year serving is more humbling than the year before. Like many of you who are married, each year I learn more and more what it means to live a Vocation. I don’t mean the specific Vocation of priesthood, although it is part of the scenario. What I mean is that each year I learn more and more what God may want of me. That is what is humbling; that I realize that I don’t know as much as I once thought I had. Just as many of you have changed over the years and gained experience, so have I.
We all have the same Vocation – to Preach Christ Crucified. I do it as a Priest, preaching and celebrating the Sacraments. Many do it as a Married Couple, living in love and raising children. Some do it as Consecrated Brothers or Sisters, living the Christian Life in Community. Others do it as Single People, working and mentoring. As we grow in the Lord, Wisdom comes. And with Wisdom comes Respect and Awe, that the Lord is right in the middle of everything.
Pray for Vocations, yours and others. Here is a prayer that we used to say every evening during my stay as St. Paul Seminary.
O Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest and Source of all grace, multiply vocations among us! The harvest is still great, the laborers few. Bless our diocese with many and holy priests. Give us fervent religious and a generous spirit in our families, so that we may honor You in Your church and may help spread Your kingdom to the ends of the earth – to the Glory of God, through the salvation of souls. Amen!

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