June 24, 2018 – Reflections by Deacon Al


Deacon Al

We hear in the first reading on the eve, then the day of “The Nativity of John the Baptist” Before I formed you in the Womb I knew you, thus giving us the notion that God had a Plan for our lives before we even came about from our earthly parents loins.
A lot of the times in stating this, we might hear disagreements on the words of “Gods Free Will” questioning: If free will is “My will” how then, can God already have planned out a life before it was formed? Well, my friends we have to look at the answer as Catholic Christians, with logic, being open and mindful to the options that come with bringing forth life.
In 1973 there were 1.36 Million choices to voluntarily end pregnancies verses 926,240 choices in 2014. We’re improving, but overall the choice of “God’s Free will” had been used a staggering 53 Million times from 1973-2014. Thus resulting in a “Free Will choice” of women ranging in age from 20-34 stating the reasons in making their choices were:
Not wanting any more children, Can’t afford, or Not ready for children in their lives. These three reasons alone attributed to 67% of reasons given, for end of life decisions – in using our own free will…
Not just pointing out woman in using their free will, but with men as well. The best example coming to mind is “Judas Iscariot” Some use the logic that Judas was possessed by the devil, therefore he couldn’t have made the choice to betray our Lord on his own… I kind of have to negate this! Again, we are all given the choice by God to sin, or walk away from sin. To turn our back towards God, or to turn our backs to the evil one. Judas was created as a Child of the most High God, it was in his weakness, and the evil temptation of money, that he chose to betray our Lord.
Thus comes the question: Could he have repented on the last day of his life, being truly sorry for his sin? Sure, but in the taking of his own life, Judas admits to his guilt in choosing sin over God, thus admitting he chose evil over good.
A few other words, or lines from Scripture that stood out in preparing this week’s Homily are:
*Fear, *Although you have not seen Him, You Love Him *My reward is with the Lord *I will make you a light to the Nations.
These are some additional thoughts we’ll dialogue on this weekend as we try to work in a back and forth discussion for all to be involved with the Homily, letting those who want to, be involved with what we take home from Holy Mass for the week.
Peace, Gods Blessings and Love, Deacon Al

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