June 30, 2019 – Ruminations by Fr. Pat

In our ruminations, we have been reading that the Israelites of old would, at various times in their history, reject God’s Call to holiness. God, Himself, would send various people to help them, but those people would not always have the influence that God’s people needed.

Have you thought about why God, the Father, sent Jesus, the Son? Today, we are going to look at one of two reasons for Jesus’ coming to earth. The first reason, I would suggest, is language. With the Prophets, the Law, the Judges, etc., there was always the possibility of misinterpretation. Like many words in our language, there were times that there could have been many interpretations. The correct interpretations may have been looked over.

Unlike the Prophets, for example, Jesus would have the proper interpretation as to the Message coming from on High. As God, there would not be any misunderstanding as to the Message. And there would not be any misunderstanding as to the Teachings, itself. Jesus would truly understand the Heavenly message, be-cause it came from Him.

Moreover, as a human, Jesus would grow and understand only as a human could. God, the Father, would allow Jesus to grow in human wisdom, living as one of us, growing as one of us, and learning as one of us. He could use language with various nuances that we would understand. If Jesus were to speak on the Divine lev-el, we may never truly understand what God wants for us. We could have glimpses, but not the true message. As a human Jesus would solve that barrier.

Some thoughts for you. When you try to meditate or learn about basic Teachings about God (for example, the Trinity), how well do you truly understand them? When you have to explain those Teachings to others, how do you do it? Having knowledge about something does not always equate to knowing how to teach it. The more you know about the Teachings, and the more you know about Human living, the better you can translate those Teachings into a manner people can understand. Read, learn, explain, and live.

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