March 31, 2019 – Reflections by Deacon Al

OK, we have a New Pastoral Associate, NOW WHAT? In this new position, the Job is just what the title says: Assisting the Pastor (Administrator) with the Pastoral care of those in the parish.
This leaves a wide eyed view of opportunities that are open to create, fine-tune or rejuvenate in our Parish(s). Pastoral care is not just for the infirmed or those in bereavement, but each and every one of us needs a shoulder to lean on, has a voice that needs to be heard, or someone to just sit and listen.
With that in mind, in beginning this new position I’d like you to think about some ideas Father Kevin, Father Pat, Father Jerry and myself have been thinking, praying and talking about. We/ I are open to hearing from you, and would like to take this opportunity for our new parish to be involved in the care and support of one another.
We will need to build teams for Hospital Ministry, Bereavement Ministry. Maybe a Dinner Ministry (this is a good one) for those just home from the hospital or after the celebration of life has ended, and the person is now alone in a quiet home.
We can build teams of support groups, teams that work as a phone ministry, supporting one another and growing together through prayer, reaching out and following up, or a confidential support line for those in need or requesting help or assistance.
Please Pray, Dream and Consider becoming a part of this “New Ministry thinking” for the Mid Mon Valley. I’m reaching out to all our seasoned volunteers, but also to those of you who have always wanted to be involved, but haven’t been asked, maybe you’re too shy, or think you just don’t have enough time to commit.
You can reach me at or my office number 724-258-7742 ext 13. If you leave a voicemail, you will get a call back.

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