March 4, 2018 – Pastoral Impressions by Fr. Bill

The book of Exodus speaks about how God brought the law to the Hebrew people. Moses is given two stone tablets upon which God has written a plan for life, loving God and loving neighbor, by paying respect to both in all that we do and say. The Decalogue was given by God to the Israelites as a means to free them from the past and to provide a clear path for the future. The Israelites knew the proper way, but they did not always follow it. We often find ourselves in the same predicament.
Jesus in the gospel again shows the proper path. He forcefully removes the buyers and sellers from the temple, thereby showing all those present what God wanted. The temple was to be a house of prayer, not a marketplace for thieves. John goes on, however, to say something more emphatic—Jesus was well aware of what was in the human heart. He knows our intentions. The Jews had the law; they knew what was right and proper. Yet, many chose another route, thinking they could fool God.
Lent is the perfect time to see where we stand in our relationship with God. We know the law perfectly well; we know what is right and what we should do. Yet, too often personal desire, the allure of the world, and even societal pressures cause us to go astray. Often today the world sees God’s law as rather foolish and possibly not applicable in the twenty-first century. St. Paul, writing almost two-thousand years ago en-countered the same situation and thus he writes to the Corinthians that, while the cross seems to be folly to some, it is the source of salvation for those who believe, for God’s folly is wiser than human wisdom and God’s perceived weakness is greater than human strength.
Warnings of problems and consequences come our way and we choose to ignore them. The path that leads to life is clear, but we often choose another path. Let us in this Lenten journey choose to follow Christ.

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