November 17, 2019 – Ruminations by Fr. Pat

Like November 1st, All Saints Day, November 2, All Souls Day, is a day of Faith. All Saints Day is the day we remember all the dead who are in Heaven with the Lord. All Souls Day is a day to remember all who are on their journey via Purgatory.

One thing to keep in mind is the notion of family, with the notion of being connected, even through Death. Our Faith in the Lord is not just a personal thing; it has a communal aspect. When we speak of “Church,” we speak of the people, not of the buildings. We also speak of the Church as Family, not as of a Fraternal Organization.

A family talks together. A family prays together. Though separated by death, we are still one family. We still look out for one another. We ask Saints, like St. Anthony, or the Blessed Mother, to help us because that is what family members do – we help one another. The Saints in Heaven look out for us and put a good word in for us to the Father.

Why, then, would we not do the same for our brothers and sisters in need? People would say that they can pray to God themselves. That statement is true; they can. But have you ever put in a good word for someone? Have you ever tried to explain that a person is worth looking at because of some reason or another? That’s what we do.

Yes, God knows our wants and desires. He knows what our needs are. Maybe, however, the importance is in the relationship itself. If God created the world so that He can have an inti-mate relationship with us, to share His Love, maybe praying for people strengthens how we have relationships. By having a familial relationship, we can have a deep relationship with the Lord, also.

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