November 25, 2018 – Thoughts from Rev Kev

During this Thanksgiving weekend we are invited to celebrate our Feast Day that units us with Jesus Christ. The Feast of Christ the King invites us to gain inspiration and understanding through the example of Jesus who is a King which unlike any other.
Many times the images of Kings come out of our small experiences whether it is from the movies or television shows or from British Royal Family. The roles and lifestyles of the King is not the experience and image of what Jesus offers us.
Ponder and reflect how Jesus Christ the King who will celebrate His birth is a simple Stable with animals and how throughout the life of Jesus emulate for us how we can live out our daily lives. He is the one who seeks to bring peace into the midst of conflict. His wisdom mercy and justice are a pattern for our own deliberations and actions. He is willing to offer us life by laying down his life for us on the cross.
Jesus teaches us by his example that true kingship is not about glamour power or wealth. It is about service as our King who is an example and model for our daily living. Jesus shows us by this life that we are called to humble loving service. Our King shows us that we are to be merciful, just and truthful, who is willing to bring God’s peace to challenging situations and our daily lives. Like Christ our King we are called to lay down our live so that others may live.
Today is also our feast day as this is the kind of kingship into which each of us has been baptized. This sort of kingship offers each of us as vision of a new heaven and new earth. It also demonstrates that we life Jesus must be willing to serve all people, willing to stand in tatters before the powers of the world.
For this simple reason the Church invites us to spend quiet time with the true presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Do not forget that at Our Lady of Valley we will offer adoration of the Blessed Sacrament prior to the Sunday Evening Mass. Come to pray and listen to what our King has to offer us in our journeys of life from 4:00 to 5:15 Sunday, November 25th.

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