November 4, 2018 – Thoughts from Rev Kev

November is a month of THANKS!
Thank you the Veterans who have served and those who are actively serving our country. Your time away from your families can never be returned and the many things you witness will never be forgotten. I pray you know of our gratitude and continual prayers for your and your families.
Within this month, we are invited to give thanks to God for the many people who come into our lives and offer us a glimpse of the image and likeness of God. May we continue to share the stories of those God has called to be with him- – – to keep memories close to us and future generations and also to pray that their souls may be closer to God in Heaven.
Looking ahead may we begin to think of showing our gratitude for what and how we are blessed by giving to those in need? The power of prayer can be amazing to those whose lives have been changed because of natural disasters, acts of senseless violence or simple accidents, diseases, addiction, unemployment and those who struggle because they are underemployed.
So let us all continue to give thanks for the opportunity to encounter God through one another, through those God sends to us and share in building up the Body of Christ in the Mid Mon Valley Parishes.

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