October 20, 2019 – Thoughts by Rev Kev

Did you celebrate Sweetest Day? How can we offer others Kindness?

Reflecting on the words of the Gospel, Jesus invites us to look at the dishonest Judge. I challenge you to pause and reflect on what a day like Sweetest Day is. What is Sweetest Day inviting each of us to accomplish? Look around your lives and see how we can bring some joy, hope, peace and love to others. I believe that with the Fall Season we can find many people who struggle with the changes: the weather, the amount of activities, and the task to be inside our homes now, because of the color temperatures and dampness, as well as the amount of sunlight. Possibly each of us can bring some light, laughter and love to those who need it!

National Sweetest Day encourages everyone to be generous even in the smallest ways. From its conception as Candy Day in 1916, this day reminds us that even small tokens improve the lives of those around us who are suffering or going without. While the day may have begun with candy and sweets, encouraging us to take home sweets to our sweethearts and friends, it is a day full of lessons in persistence, resilience and doing small things in greatness.

On National Sweetest Day, take care of all those who need care, even those who need significant care, when given the smallest token we will fell the effects. A little treat, a card, a show of support during a time of need may be the sweetest gift on this day.

Yes, I know I am a day late but I want us to realize that every day is a day we are given the chance to give a gift to someone who needs a reminder of the sweetness in the world even if it is a phone call, email, text or PRAYER!

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