October 21, 2018 – Thoughts from Rev Kev

How can we make these changes easy? PRAY!!
CONFESSION offers grace to under-stand
HEAR, listen and be open to one an-other
ATTITUDE of gratitude for what we have
NEVER doubt the power of God
GIVE everything a chance before judging
EXERCISE with one another our prayer and faith in God
Recently, as I sat in the confessional, I reflected on the opportunity we are given like the disciples. By chance, we are offered choices. By change, we can make adjustments as needed. By caring for one another, we are then accepting that chalice which Jesus is offering to His Disciples.
I pray that we all can face these changes with openness and try to work together, with grace, peace and hope to build a stronger unity as a community here in the Mid Mon Valley.
Confessions are available:
By appointment with Father Kevin and Father Pat
Monday evenings at Mary, Mother of the Church during Holy Hour
Wednesday nights at Saint Damien’s during Holy Hour, prior to Mass
On First Fridays at Our Lady of Valley

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