Reflections by Deacon Al – January 20, 2019

A friend passed along the following article last week, and I’d thought it was a good article to share. To some it’ll be an eye-opener, I know it has been for me, Deacon Al.
The article begins with a farmer who lived on the same farm all of his life. It was a generational farm, a good farm, peaceful and serene . But as the years passed, and the farm began to age, he’d began to
realize more of his time was going into fixing and maintaining than actual farming. Taking care of his animals and his crops seemed to become routine and tiresome. Longing for something better, the farmer contacted a realtor to sell his farm.
The realtor came out and viewed the farm, and they agreed on a selling price. The realtor went back to their office and wrote up a sales flyer. Before
Publishing the flyer she visited the farmer to review. The sales flyer read as follows: large beautiful farm for sale, with healthy animals, modern farm
equipment, along with a well maintained 2 story farmhouse, farm buildings and rolling hills of land as far as the eye can see. A very peaceful setting for those who wish to leave the city living and become their own boss to peaceful country living.
The farmer read the sales flyer and said “Hold
Everything” I’ve been looking for a place like this all my life, and I just didn’t realize I already had it until you put it on papers and opened my eyes….
Like the farmer, you and I may always be
searching for something better, something newer, and something more exciting- we long for something more. We don’t always stop to realize or
remember the very wise and old saying of “Never make the things you want, make you forget the things you have”.
As we begin to welcome in a “New Year”
consider the contentment that you already have in your life, your family, and your home. Trust in God, and remember this article the next time you find yourself wishing for more. The first step to a
contented life is learning to trust. Trust God’s will and plan for you life, you were created with one in mind. Then choose which perspective from there you’ll live your life from.
God’s Blessing on a Contented New Year!

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