Reflections by Deacon Al

Owning vs. Renting/Borrowing your Faith
We recently watched a great movie titled Grace Unplugged. The movie is about a Youth/Music Pastor who gives his daughter a guitar for her 16th Birthday. Fast forward, the daughter now in her late Teens decides to leave the Church and pursue a professional music
The daughter has “Success” and becomes a very popular musician/singer. All the while during the movie she keeps relating her former Christian life to her new professional life and meets a strong faith based young man, along with a popular movie actor (Faith vs Worldly desires). The Christian young man sees her struggling and invites her to his parents’ home for a home cooked meal, and hands her a book entitled “Own It”.
Without giving any more of the movie away, the book intrigued me so I ordered it. It is a wonderfully written book on Faith. The book begins talking about owning your Faith vs renting/borrowing and or even faking your Faith.
You see, a lot of us get our Faith and Morals from our upbringings, our parents, grandparents, and so on. Faith that’s passed from one person to another. This isn’t a bad thing, but do you really own it? Others may have different views of faith than you, but their actions may not be your actions.
The question the book really makes you think about is how deep, or how strong is the Faith that you really have? Is the Faith you have something you can say is so deep, so strong in belief that you fully trust in God, handing over your concerns, anxieties, worries all the problems that affect you from living the life you were created for, or do you give them over & continue to worry?
Trust is a very difficult thing these days, Scripture is clear when it says: Trust God with all your heart. When you start trusting man that leads to danger because man can’t save you only Jesus can.
When you put your trust in humans, you will be let down, because humans aren’t perfect. Even good friends can let you down sometimes. In the same way we can
disappoint others as well. Let’s face it, we all fall short of being 100% trustworthy.
The Bible says to love others as yourself, put others before yourself, serve one another, but put your full trust in God.

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