September 1, 2019 – Thoughts by Rev Kev

How have you completed your RSVP? At Baptism we were invited to prepare for the Eternal Banquet with Jesus and all of the Saints. Like all invitations it comes with an RSVP. Our response is found in the way we live our lives, in our gratitude for all that God has done for us and in our desire to serve God by serving others. But most importantly our response can be seen in our life of prayer and worship.

Summer is gone and here we are September first. How can we in the many activities and meeting and events also place God in our lives and schedules? Remember you do not have to go far—Beginning by our morning rituals—giving thanks for the new day and asking for the patience to help us in all of the tasks that we may face that day. Moreover, God can be present around your table before all your meals to that time prior to bed in thanksgiving for the day. Our parishes offer the various Liturgies to that of time of Eucharistic Adoration and the gifts of the Sacraments! Faith Formation will begin soon for the families and those youth who can grow in the knowledge of God! Within our communities we can serve others through the various ministries at the Church, to the outreach activities and even sharing of time and faith at the adult events of study, support and prayers. As we spend Labor Day this weekend make some time to reflect on your RSVP to God as we all begin the Fall Activities.

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