THOUGHTS BY REV KEV – January 20, 2019

Ordinary Time is here for the next seven weeks. May we enjoy
encountering with the Ministry of Jesus Christ on Sundays, as well as the many other opportunities to let the Saints encourage us to persevere to fulfill those Baptismal Promises! How can we fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ – – – building on the Unity within our community, offering support to those unborn children and the families who belong.
Take a moment to heal those words and actions of those we remember this week! The Dreams of Martin
Luther King, the life of Saint Agnes and Saint Vincent – Martyrs, the powerful Works and Words of Saint
Marianne Cope and Frances de Sales.
One highlight within our Ordinary week is that we can find hope in our weaknesses, mistakes, etc. openness to Change and, most importantly, Forgiveness as we Celebrate the Conversion of Saint Paul!
As I recently said, to have a Baptism we need to have the pain and joy of new life in the Birth of a child. Most importantly, Jesus had to die in order to offer forgiveness Eternal Life with His Resurrection!!!
Study, Pray, Listen and open yourself to the examples of lives of the Saints and those many who lives had changed!

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